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Have a look at leave,fees and stipend for DNB

Training charges, not exceeding Rs.50,000/- shall be collected from DNB-SS
trainee(s) each year, as per the item heads specified.
a) It is not mandatory or binding on the institutes to charge maximum fees or any part
thereof from the trainee resident doctors.
b) The institutes concerned cannot charge any fees or an amount in any form, over and
above the ceiling amounts prescribed below:
1. Tuition fees - Rs. 15,000
2. Library fees - Rs. 5,000
3. AnnualAppraisal fees - Rs. 10,000
4. Accommodation Charges - Rs. 10,000
5. Guest Lecture & Seminar Fees/ NBE CME - Rs. 10,000
(i) Library Fees- Rs.5000/- Institute can charge library fees if, the library facilities so
provided have subscription to at least 2 paid online journals, provided for computer and
internet facilities and latest provisions of all types of textbooks in the specialty
concerned. Library facility should be provisioned for reasonable number of hours so as
to accommodate the DNB resident doctors.30
(ii) Accommodation Charges- These charges may be levied if a candidate opts for
campus accommodation provided by the institution concerned.
(ii) Guest Lecture and Seminar Fees- These charges may be levied subjected to the
specified number of activities carried out in by the institutes. On actual basis with in the
above limit.
c) The accredited institutions cannot charge any other fees like capitation fees, security
deposit, security bond, caution bind in the form of cash, fixed deposit, bank guarantee,
agreement by any instrument whatsoever.
d) Whatever fees collected from the candidate has to be collected by DD cheque and
proper receipt is to be issued to the candidates.
e) The institute concerned shall prepare income and expenditure statement on an annual
basis in respect of fee so collected from the DNB trainees and the expenditure so
incurred to the Board within 15 days from the year end i.e. by 15th January and 15th
July for accreditation beginning January and July respectively in the prescribed format.
The institutions can levy the fees as per the guidelines as stated above only if they are
complying with stipend policy of the Board communicated by 8th May 2006. In the
event, the institute cannot levy fees in the DNB trainees. In any case, payment of
stipend to the DNB trainees vide stipend policy letter dated 8th May 2006 is an
essential requirement for running the DNB programme.
f) The institution shall arrange for by annual appraisal of the DNB candidates as notified
by the Board, in the event the institution is found not complying with he appraisal
guidelines / not conducting appraisals, the institute shall have to refund the appraisal
fee(Rs.10,000/- per annum) and further that penal action as may be deemed
appropriate shall be taken by NBE against the institute / hospital concerned.
g) The corpus so collected from the candidates has to be spent for the benefit of the DNB
trainees as per the defined item heads only. The corpus cannot be reappropriates/utilized for any other kind of expenses.
h) In the event it is found that the accredited institute is violating these guidelines, Board
may take penal action including but not limited to withdrawal of accreditation of the
erring institute.
National Board of Examinations had taken a policy decision to improve the DNB
training programmes by havingAppraisal for all DNB trainees and accredited hospitals
by Local Appraisers. Accordingly, the assessment of DNB trainees, review of their
progress and appraisal of the infrastructure and facilities in all the accredited hospitals
is being carried out. The hospital shall conduct periodic assessment tests of its DNB 
trainees in respective specialties as per the guidelines issued from time to time and
other guidelines. The exams will be conducted by institutions under supervision of
Appraisers. A panel of Appraisers, specialty wise will be appointed by the NBE. The
responsibility to conduct the periodical appraisal shall solely be of the institution
concerned. If it is found that an accredited institution is not getting its Periodic
Semester Appraisal done, the NBE may withdraw provisional accreditation granted to
such an institution.31
Appraisal should be done only from the NBE appointed expert. The NBE appoints
appraiser from the NBE's own experts database and from the accredited government
medical colleges/ hospitals faculties.
After doing the appraisal, the expert appointed by the NBE is required to send his report
to NBE's office. After receipt of expert's report, the NBE updates and analyzes the
report and the deficiencies / remarks as pointed out in the experts report are sent to the
concerned hospital / institution for their compliance under intimation to NBE.
As per the guidelines of DNB program a candidate can avail of leave not extending 20
days in a calendar year, excluding one day weekly off. In addition female candidates
may be permitted a maternity leave not exceeding 90 days once during the duration of
entire course and male candidates a paternity leave of one week. No kind of study
leave is permissible to DNB candidates. However, candidates may be allowed an
academic leave of 14 days across the three-years training program to attend the
conferences only.
Under normal circumstances leave of one year should not be carry forward to next
year, however, in exceptional cases like prolonged illness or any meritorious ground
the leave across the training program may be clubbed together.
Payment of monthly stipend is mandatory. An Accredited hospital will pay each trainee
(both Post MBBS & Post Diploma) a minimum monthly stipend equivalent to the sum
paid to DM/MCh trainees by respective State Governments institutions owned by
them, or, as mentioned below, whichever is HIGHER:

Parity to the stipend paid by respective State government should be maintained as and
when rates of stipend are revised by State government. It is also desirable that the
hospital provides accommodation to their trainees in addition to their stipend. A
compliance statement to this effect has to be furnished by the institute while forwarding
the candidate registration form. NBE has no objection to the payment of a sum
exceeding the amount stipulated, according t the stature of the institution and work
load of the trainees.
The DNB canidates in accredited institutions in Delhi shall be paid monthly stipend of a
minimum Rs19000/- or the stipend paid by the Governemnt of India, Delhi to their
MD/MS/MCh trainees in their respective year of studies whcihever is HIGHER.
The above stated stipend policy has been duly approved by the Hon'ble High Court of
Delhi at New Delhi.
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