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We are getting lot of responses from PG aspirants ..This is what pg aspirants have to say about NEET at this moment..

Dr Harshavardhana:"We R in a mess,the govt does not care about us, and the supreme court really should act in a more responsible way.."

dr.aeshita singh "please declare d results asap.give a date for declaration f results...we need f authentic news because we have already suffered fr 5 months..n please clarify d basis f ranking i.e by percentile or percentage."

Gopi "Neet should be banned in India.every year they give notifications&continues , but money is the kingmaker  .so i lost hope on neet. I pray to god that next year their shouldn't be any neet exam"

Anonymous"in this situation i feel as if it was a crime to have opted for MBBS in this country,  its soooooooo  much of a pain now!
now that orders have come to publish results  whats cooking???
trying to modify results????
just publish it"

Vivek.s.m "Its al abt uncertainty.Despite getting good numb of questions right u will not sure about ur rank! "

 Sushmita Bhattacharyya "Medical education in India is in grave danger...The legacy of illegal acts continues...only money speaks in this country and the merit continues to suffer in a field where only merit should be given priority. "

Kunwar Sidharth"As this year time was not enough, I hope that till July SC finds a good path taking in consideration all the issues. One India One Exam is a great concept, hope SC ponders over it. "

Keerthi prakash"Please release the results soon.... Neet or no neet students should not be kept in dilemma.... "

Dr. akriti"plz publish neet result as soon as possible...."

Dr. Sumeet"Neet is the need of the era to curb the ongoing corruption scams in medical admissions!! "

anurag "This is very frustrating.
SC/NBE/MCI has no right to play with any once future.
If you know nothing better is possible in this country then why you proposed such matter.
AIPG is much more satisfactory.
A bunch of corrupt ppl in this country derive, knowledge is of no value."

display the date of next yr. pre pg exam 

pattern of exam

and name of conducting body..."

vinod shah "sooner or latter we have to adopt neet only to set equal standerd of education across country."

lavanya sharma"Neet was about adding pvt colleges to all india seats.. Now dis year it isn't happening so what was d use of conducting neet 3 months bfr"

Abhi"I criously Thot v wud finally ve single xam dis yr....but I guess I was being too optimistic in a country like INDIA"

Neet should be a single paper and pen exam..multiple session,multiple day exam with scaling is the most flawed way to conduct a highly competitive exam like pg entrance in india..t shud be so only for screening exams like USMLE"

abhinav kumar"its a disaster in the making... in neet itself we have 20 exams... how can we evaluate urself .....plus 10 more exam of state board and private institution....   totally unfair and biased system"

Asif khan"It is a disaster situation for me........where the concept of neet is nullified.....i m feeling that i personally loose the case"

Dr.Aniket"Feeling like totally Screwd up by giving this exam..and now waiting for that damn result..which surely been manipulated by those born rich guys.."

Shashank Jain""
INTERIM ORDERS...I got this feeling when you were studyin hard..I crashed ua hopes into the bridge. I watched, I letit burn.
I threw your hardwork into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I don't care, I love it.I don't care, I love it.You're on a studyin mode, I'm in the money makin mood..
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
..You're so damn easy to please..we gotta kill this NEET..
You're indian doctors, but I'm a PRIVATE COLLEGE'S BITCH..
I love it.!!
I dont care..!!"

pankaj"most easy answer to problem is 
 let the pvt coll set their own fees it can be anything like 30-40 lakhs per year. then they will readily accept neet exam.
but the problem for thm is frm where they will get such huge amt of WHITE MONEY????
  think carefully."

Arpit"They shd publs d result as soon as possible..."

rajib"none of us wanted this madness..."

amarjit"this is quite devastating for a student  life.the legal proceeding should have finish before conducting exam.hope wl no happen in future."

Suganth"Cons: Preponement of NEET by 2 months.. Exam on multiple days.. Less clinical qns & lot of non sensical qns..
Exam being held by DNB.. Prometric..

Pros: Nothing..

Solution: hand over NEET to AIIMS
Single day exam"

ranita saha"neet is d ultimate...but if neet ug can b conducted in single day without keeping online provision,den why not neet pg?in online exams u always need a time span for witch all such controversies arise.."

TAREK ANOWER SARDER:"All pg aspirants should go through a single entrance test like NEET. The non-disclosure agreement (no permission to disclose questions in public) is disgusting and againt one's freedom. At this moment, result of neetpg should be declared as early as possible. How long to wait for the result which was expected to be released by 31st January, 2013."

shree swasti choandwal"neet is better than multiple exams ..
wanted neet to happen this year"

Neel Patel"Money has ruled again in India.When you can have Common entrance for CA students why can't you have it for Medical Education?? It clearly implies that in our country money is more precious than human lives."

Dr Alok"plz declare results...!!!"

sumit "plz do smthing guys rt nw nly.."

n venkata pradeep kumar"in india anything can happend with money. Thats proved "

dr laxmi yadhuvanshi narasimha "neet came wid gud policy ,bt abolishd by money..if cji gives d order to hang d al d 90k doc trust ,it vl b betr side than cancelling neet"

debasmita"it's very shameful and frustrating to see what the apex institute of law is doing with the future of doctors. they gave the interim order after 5months with no change in the ultimate system of exams(then why did they wasted these 5months and made us almost mad and suicidal,god knows!!). evn now it's unclear,how many seats are there,when the counselling would take place and finally when the result will come out!!"

amit kumar sharma:"Neet pg is totaly coruption minded game..all things gng on are pre decided.. V cnt do nythng in dis situation."

aneet singh"i studied for one year ,When i was prepared they took only one exam,and now after 5 months of stagnation they allow all colleges to take exams.90000 doctors, 6000 seats where is d justice."

dr.vikas gohel"Neet prooved be a total fiasco.once again money wins again merit.very pity situation for those meritous students who are neither ranker nor duffers."

Anirudh"If Indian states don't listen to MCI, there is no wonder why Foreign countries don't recognize Indian PG degrees.

If MCI had foresight, they shouldn't have conducted NEET in the first place, why put students through unnecessary misery. They should have shown some Empathy.

NatBoard Questions were pathetic. That is not how you test a doctor ! The NEET concept is AWESOME. But NatBoard should have kept the exam on ONE DAY and improved the questions' quality (like AIIMS Qs)

The way indian system treats 'well educated' and 'intelligent' people, I don't want my children to grow up in such a country. (not going to write about Quota /Reservation as it is a controversial issue)

harish"Really sickening after waiting so patiently.. Is dis wat cji calls justice"

Dr. manish"NEET- PG CAME.............................NEET- PG SAW.....................AND THEN IT DIED........just like common human beings.....wasn't good enough for community called "DOCTORS"."

Dr Rakesh Solanki"Now, i just want neet pg results to be declared very soon. "

amit jaisal"i want neet result inclued state rank as well"

Prashanth D"Should have been well organised:-)"

opjinder"finally useless"

Azra Fathima"AIPG would hav been better than conducting a pre ponded neet exam wasting lot of money and waiting for 5 months...do anyone know about raw score analysis..is it valid"

Harshita"  i had learnt a lot abt doin internet and law.bt i dnt knw our wait for 5mnths wil b fruitful or not!!"

Dr Prashant Gohil"I think supreme court should have given NEET validity..It will bring equality among medicos will stop corruption in admission process and will give more opportunity for pg aspirants. Now when its voluntary every state must follow NEET."

Dr Aniket"Great idea,irresponsibly executed..overt failure,as f nw..hope,it'll stand tall in the years to come.."

biren shah"Its a very bad news for pg aspirants.. as for a good branch we must have rank in 3k t0 4k...if judgement would have came infavour of neet we might have got admission in good branch even at rank of 10k to 12k...."

dr shailendra naik "i m totally disappointed,,when i scheduled my revision last year ,neet scheduled exams on same date,,and for last 5 mnth m just praying that at least results b out n wht i get is negative results in verdict too"

dr anvesh"hon'abl cji ,
  request you to stop multiple private medical colg exams.
  thank u sir.
Deepak Balikai"Every one is corrupt here . . only money n caste rules in our country . . no value for talent n hardwork . . 
sorry to say but truth is THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR MY COUNTRY . . . :@"

prathamesh sonak"Neet has been the biggest joke on all the medical fraternity.
After studying relentlessly and working hard for the past many months for dat dream pg seat we all feel cheated and severely let down by the entire system.
Only god can save this country now"

Malu"I am totally confused whether to go for DNB Counselling or not.
Why NBE is delaying the results even after the verdict,Private Colleges have already published their counselling dates. Frustrated !!!"

ud.skywalker"Congress has lost 90,000 votes by medical students today...
This is the only way to pay them back!!"

divya chaudhary"worst situation..where neither u can concentrate on studies nor u can just ignore it..feelin so helpless and depressed...:(("

Saurav Bhattacharya "Single day exam. One exam for the nation. Preferably conducted by AIIMS"

Vishwas"just one question. why NEET? why did they cause so much of trauma to the medicos.? so much of time and money wasted..most of them got the test centres far off from their places..!!"

samant negi"Every one is confused..whether to study or wait...results should be declared soon...neet 2013 was total harrasment... "

Amala"Its high time tht v remove the root cause of most probs ie increase more no of seats in govt hospital, that will automaticaly reduce exces privatisation. Also, remove reservation as ultimately the really needy poor people don get ny benefit of it. Rich kids n quota kids enjoy n mediocre middle class people like us bear the maximum brunt of all these bullshit.."

DR. CHARU KANT SINGH"We have been cheated by NBE , MCI !!!!
Why give validity to u[ppgme...it was not even a petitioner....!"

Dr Amit De"NEET is much better but may not be the best because we all born and brought up in a corrupted country.I really surprised to see that media did not take honest and powerful move regarding the whole drama!!"

These are few responses we got from medicos by now....


rohit kabre said...

We need to start something to safeguard our interest..this year is wasted ..need to unite now for neet with single day window without bullshit pattern..let's start posting views about what can be done to undo this situation realistically... Neet updates blogspot guys please lead and unite us.

Wahid Nadaf said...


Kokila krish said...

I am watching the news channels for news regarding NEET. And what a country ours is!! All channels are showing a sobbing Sanjay Dutt.. that too continuous coverage. And nothing is shown about the injustice done to 1 lakh medicos. In out country 1 stupid movie star is worth more than 1 lakh doctors who sacrifice their youth to become doctors..

Dr. M.P.VINOTH said...

The SC has taken a wise decision in issuing interim orders. This is only a stop gap measure. The full verdict on July 2nd/4th will be the ultimate.Lets hope the SC will uphold NEET for the future