Monday, June 3, 2013


This is just a format of letter ,you can write in your own words that is better,if you are so lazy you can copy this and send by post to

Medical Council of India
Pocket- 14 , Sector - 8, Dwarka Phase -1 
New Delhi - 110077, INDIA

or email to

I request all of you to write yourself and send by post and email so that letters will be different .Just publishing a format of letter,also share this letter with friends as well as groups and pages of medicos..for every one who want to send can send.

I Dr......................(Your name)had written NEET PG entrance conducted in November 2012 by NBE .The exam was conducted as multiple session exam with different question papers on different days.Many question papers where easy others where difficult. NBE had published NBE do a psychometric analysis for equating the papers.Published the scaled scores and ranks after psychometric analysis.Still it is not clearly mentioned how psychometric analysis is done.There is so much confusion among pg aspirants regarding this.Even our raw scores are not published.
Many doctors who got good ranks in AIIMS and other exams got very poor ranks in NEET PG.That itself show psychometric analysis was not fair.Till last year AIIMS used to conduct AIPGME as single session exam.This year NEET PG was conducted by NBE as multiple session exam.There is no need to conduct exam in multiple session.That cause so much confusion among PG aspirants.Usually registration for exam was a smooth process when conducted by AIIMS.This year there was a lot of difficulty
NEET UG exam which was written by lac of people was conducted as single session exam (except in karnataka due to election) NEET PG exam which was only written by less than 95000 not conducted as single session.More over answer keys was clearly published in NEET UG.But no answer key published in NEET PG.If answer key is published exam will become more transparent
I request Medical council of India to conduct single session exam as used to done in previous years .Exam conducted on a single session is really needed for meritorious students to get admission.I hope MCI will do the needful at the earliest to conduct 2013 pg medical entrance on single day

Thanking you

..... (your name)


Apatheist said...

thanks for the initiative

Ashvini Meena said...

I am in.

Neha Sharma said...

thanks sir very much

T Rajeshwar said...

Thanks A lot.I am doing this today.

ashok desai said...

i always support single session exam.......

tarun said...

mailed them and wil post also in this week.

BHARATH V said...

Mailed them

sandeep dhar said...

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