Friday, June 21, 2013



2.9 Review of status of proposal of One-year Rural service as Medical 
Officers as a prerequisite to Post Graduate Admission :
 Chairperson, BOG drew attention of the Members of Board of Governors to 
the background of the proposal on the subject matter which was sent by the former 
Secretary to the MoH&FW on 2.4.2013. He also mentioned that subsequently the 
Secretary, MoH&FW as well as the Health Minister himself happened to discuss the matter 
with him in the recent past when they both had appreciated the Plan as outlined in the 
above proposal. The main thrust of the proposal is that before PG, all the MBBS Graduates 
in the country have to undergo a mandatory rural posting for one year. If anybody serves 
under rural posting for more period, it will be given more preference for admission into PG 
Courses, as per the Regulations. After discussing the matter at length, the Board of 
Governors approved the proposal, in principle. It was also decided that a draft Regulation 
in this regard should be sent to the Ministry. Further it would be advised to the Ministry to 
have the following : (i) Creating the designated “Cell” in the Ministry for the deployment of the 
doctors; and 
(ii) Planning for the timely and equitable deployment of approximately 
40000 Graduates (the number is set to increase annually) every year 
all over the country. It is important to ensure that they join 
immediately after internship and finish one year, before the next 
batch is eligible. 
(iii) While issuing Notification in this regard, the Ministry may also 
consider the point regarding the batch from which on wards the 
above scheme should be implemented

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