Friday, July 12, 2013

Medical PG students sore over new exam system

Medical PG students sore over new exam system

NAGPUR: The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) introduced many changes in the evaluation pattern for the post graduate examinations conducted a few months ago. These have not gone down too well with the students, many of whom have failed by just a couple of marks. Saying they were not even informed of these changes, the post graduate students from the state would be discussing the issue with the university's grievances committee on Friday. 

The changes were made as part of Central Assessment Programme (CAP). Along with this, the MUHS also decided to do away with grace marks and revaluation. As a result, several students have failed as they fell short of one to five marks. Many of these students have passed in their practical examinations, though. The students would be meeting acting vice-chancellor and pro vice-chancellor of MUHS Dr Shekhar Rajderkar among others. 

"We would be requesting the committee to reintroduce the grace marks. This provision exists in other universities and is sanctioned by Medical Council of India (MCI) policies. The changes should have been made after informing the medical faculties and students, which did not happen. Also, the decision to implement it was made mid-way through the exams," said a student explaining why the changes were unacceptable. 

Another student said only 30% students in Vidarbha passed the summer exams. Many have scored in the 195 to 200 range and could have passed if they were awarded grace marks. Blaming it on the dependence on external evaluators, he said, "Even those whom we thought were sure of passing have failed." 

President of the Maharashtra Medical Council Dr Kishor Taori, who is also a member of the grievances committee, said necessary action would be taken after discussions. "If we feel undervaluation has been caused because of new procedure, we would take reasonable action. The marks will also be changed if needed," he said.

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