Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When we stand here at the end of all hearings and waiting for verdict we can just look back what all had happened in NEET case.
NEET exam was declared by MCI in September that too with instruction of court for a fair and transparent system in medical  dental and pg admissions.Exam was conducted by National board of examinations on November 23rd to December 6.Around 90000 doctors wrote NEET PG entrance
Private medical colleges and many state governments move to honorable supreme court against NEET and for conducting their on exams.
There were more than 20 petitioners and case started on November 5.Honorable Supreme court given an interim order on December 13 for all institutions and state governments to conduct their own exams and instructed not to publish results of any medical/pg entrance till further order
This is the order that come in NBE as well as MCI site

O R D E R 
In all these matters, which are before us, the main question 
which has been urged is with regard to the applicability of the 
decision by the Medical Council of India to conduct National Eligibility 
and Entrance Test for both M.B.B.S. and Post-Graduate Courses for 
Medicine. In addition to the above, there is also the question of 
admission into B.D.S. and M.D.S. Examinations. 
Having heard learned counsel representing different parties, while 
we are of the view that the main matters which are pending need to 
be heard and decided at an early stage, the time taken in hearing the 
matters should be utilised in allowing the students to sit for their 
respective examinations, which are already notified. Accordingly, 
let all the transferred cases, as well as the writ petitions, be listed for 
final hearing and disposal, irrespective of other part-heard or 
specially fixed matters on 15th, 16th and 17th January, 2013. 
In all the matters where transfer has not yet been completed, 
those transfer petitions shall stand allowed and all the petitions, 
pending in the various courts, should be transferred to this Court 
by 15th January, 2013, and be treated as Transferred cases and be 
listed along with these Transferred cases and the writ petitions. 
In the meantime, the Medical Council of India, the Dental Council of 
India, as well as the States and Universities and other Institutions, 
will be entitled to conduct their respective examinations for the 
M.B.B.S, B.D.S. and PostGraduate courses, but shall not declare 
the results of the same, until further orders of this Court. 
Learned counsel for the respective parties are all directed to 
make available their written submissions by 7th January, 2013. 12
Let copies of this Order be made available to the advocates onrecord for the respective parties for communication to the 
concerned Authorities. 
Wide publicity may also be given to this Order by the States, 
Union of India, Medical Council of India and the Dental Council 
of India so that the students, who are intending to sit for the 
entrance examination, may have knowledge of the same. 

Case continued.Around 28 hearings occur..Many other days case was listed but not taken for hearing...90000 doctors who had written entrance waited for 5 months for results.In between many state and private medical colleges conducted their own exams.Many strikes occur in various states in India against private medical college and state exams.Now hearings are over and court instructed every petitioner that remain to argue to submit written submission.If NEET pg considered for admission in all medical colleges that will be a landmark judgement in medical pg admissions.we have to wait for one or two weeks to know the judgement in NEET case


medical stream in india said...

Dont think neet is gng to change everything. Thats a planned corruptioon. Bt we get benefit of 10%-30% only. Becoz this time the so called rich people usually politicians, directly approach the board to keep their children name in between toppers list. Bt, that may b less, frankly we dont know to wat extent it wil go, may b as usual as before neet. Bt hope fr the best. I honestly welcome neet. I request board to conduct in one day. That too transparently... Giving marks on monitor as in manipal if online or giving carbon OMR sheets if offline. Plz say no to psychometrc analysis. Becoz our neet ques r not concept orientd as in usmle, bt more of memory based. So how can they judge on psychometrc analysis. Who can remember velocity of sandfly? It wl b a fluke, those who got ans luckily, wl b in top... Then wat abt hardworkr. Think abt it. I am nt against neetpg.

Anand Bardia said...

True but something is better than nothing. And it is a dynamic process..its the first time such an exam has been conducted and shortcomings will be there. We should be optimistic and look forward for improvement!!!