Tuesday, April 30, 2013


1.Andra Pradesh 23, 24, 25K (1st, 2nd, 3rd yr) 
2.Assam 22K 
3.Bihar 30K 
4.Chattisgarh 34,35,36K (1st, 2nd, 3rd yr) 
5.Delhi 62K 
6.Gujarat 28- 29K 
7.Goa 30K 
8.Haryana 44, 46, 48K (1st, 2nd, 3rd yr) 
9.HP 15k 
10.Jharkhand 41K, 43K, 44K (1st, 2nd, 3rd yr) 
11.Karnataka 25K 
12.Kerala 23k - 25k 
13.Maharashtra 36K 
14.Madhya Pradesh 25K - 30K 
15.Manipur 40K 
16.Meghalaya 45K 
17.Orissa 28k 
18.Punjab 35K 
19.Rajasthan 28k - 32k 
20.Tamilnadu 16, 17, 18K (1st, 2nd, 3rd yr) 
21.Uttar Pradesh 42k - 45K 
22.West Bengal 24.5, 26.4, 28.3k (1st,2nd,3rd yr)
23 j&k 22 to 24k
 no service bond in UP, delhi, haryana, jharkhand,bihar,Rajasthan,west bengal,Gujarat

service bond is there in assam (10 yrs 20 lakh)

, punjab(5 yrs), himachal pradesh, maharashtra(1 yr)

Kerala (1yr),orrisa (3ys),MP(2YRS/10 lakh),Andhra

pradesh (1yr)



kshitij singh said...

Is bond in asaam is for all india candidate also??

Dramsu said...

kerala stipend has been increased recently..its 32,33,34k(1st,2nd,3rd)

ankit said...

@ kshitij singh yes all india student also have to sign bond

drpudhi said...

In MP, bond is only for candidates from state counselling. And that too only 1 year. the stipend is 26, 27, 28k (1st, 2nd, 3rd year)

fahad said...

Thank u.. Soooo helpful..

swapnil more said...
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swapnil m said...

Plz can u tell,if we take a seat in states where bond is written..and if we leave course in between,i.e if we did not complete 3 years and leave in between..then also,have to pay amount of bond?

the Ventriloquist said...

In rajasthan its 32680 for 1st yr..increase 1000 ther on..

Dr.Pravish V. Nambiar said...

Kerala syipend has been incresd as dramsu mentioned to 32 32 and 34 plus one yr bond with a pay of 38

Gunjan Adhvaryu said...

how much for AIIMS n Maulan Azad PG dental?

Swati Agarwal said...

is the bond in himachal pradesh really executed ...plss reply


please update the bond stucture

namrata kumari said...

how much stipend is provided to ms cardiology student in king george medical college lucknow

narendra parmar said...

Sir please say me how much stipend paid in Jaipur Rajasthan in dnb in 1,2,3 rear respectively. And second one is accommodation is provide by hospital/ institution according to dnb rules and regulations....

narendra parmar said...

Its compulsory from. Institutions/hospital ?????? According to dnb provide to dnb trainee....

himanshu ashu said...

stipend in gujarat is now around Rs 42000-43000

dr muvera said...

can u plz list out the present amount of stipends in different states of our India