Wednesday, April 3, 2013



nilesh jaybhaye said...

CBI must urgently move in to unearth malpractice involved in sells of PG seats as alleged.

nilesh jaybhaye said...

CBI must urgently move in to unearth malpractice involved in sells of PG seats as alleged.

nilesh jaybhaye said...

becho besharmo becho,,
har jinda insan bech khao
pet bharjaye khanese,
,hat ghumakar tum sukun pao
maa saraswati ko bhechakar ,
,usase diskco dance karwao
saraswati ke beton ko ,
,har churahepe bhikh mangwao
sarkar bankar,
,marijonke chintakonpar lathiyan barsao
besharmi thodi kam hui to,
,har shiksha ka mauka bech khao
paisa paisa karke maza kam pade,
to khoon logonka bhi pi jaoo
har bhartiy ka bhawishya dhanda banakar,
,tum bhart Mahan apana kahalao

Taxel taxell said...

Mera bas chale to in private med clg ko aag lagaa du,aur inke so called administator,trustee ko jinda jalaa du...lekin aam aadmi ka bas chalta hota to ye noubat hi na aati.

nilesh jaybhaye said...

Shashikiran Vaze

Bharat's Health is at stake.... Who will take care of Nation's Health ?
Why stringent action is not being taken by Medical Council of India?
Why MCI is not working in the interest of Nation ? If it not working in the interest of Nation, scrap it. Bring new faces to work on .

Student are eager to acquire Knowledge in Medical Science, however look at the way how seats are being sold in Medical Colleges keeping aside all rules & regulations aside.

nilesh jaybhaye said...

Nilesh Jaybhaye all the private medical colleges are run by the autocrats,,,,so the scandal of billion rupees is not finding any tiny little space in the newspapers,,,of democratic india,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Nilesh Jaybhaye all the hammering of the honorable judiciary system of india,is only on the poor heads,,,perhaps the autocrats head are to heigh over the jurisprudence ,,so that they are immune to the hammering by the law & order,,,,,,,,,

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Nilesh Jaybhaye recently mci have objected on the medical university for running the diploma courses,,,favouring the student education,,,,arguing that universities of india have no rights to run the courses,,,,,as all rights of medical degradation ,,,{{{ohh spelling mistake,,plz pardon ;I mean to say}}}],,,upgadations are reserved whole & sole by mci,,,,,,

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Nilesh Jaybhaye upraising of the pvt medical colleges,,,,all defeceincies in the elitness of the medical education,,,& the lag of 20 years of the indian health system comparing the the new world,,,,,,& the seized 14 tones of gold from the fromer mci president honorabale dr. ketan desai sir,,,,,,are merely the cocincidences of the various circumstances,,,,nothing is related to the governing duties of the mci

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