Thursday, June 20, 2013


Date: 20.06.2013

Sub: Surrender of seats – COMEDK PGET – 2013 reg.
At the time when COMEDK scheduled the counselling, the directive of the Supreme 
Court extending the date of admissions was not there. Subsequently, the last date
of admissions has been extended from 31st May to 31st July 2013.
The above extension of time necessitated the second round of counselling by 
COMEDK. Moreover, the consensual agreement with the State Government has 
also stipulated the second round of counselling where all seats remaining unfilled 
including the seat surrendered be taken to second round. It is only “at the end of 
the second round of counselling, the unfilled seats be made over to the respective 
Accordingly, even though the candidates who have taken the seat during the first 
round of counselling and reported to the colleges are entitled to surrender the seats 
before COMEDK as their tuition fee and the original certificates have been 
deposited in COMEDK.
It is hereby made clear that all such seats surrendered five days before the 
commencement of second round of counselling will be taken to the second round of 
counselling. However, those who have reported and then surrendered are not 
entitled to participate in the second round of counselling to be held shortly.

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